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Spring is in the air!

Welcome to our latest newsletter, where we shed some light on some common money personalities. Which one are you?

If you are living abroad or plan on jetting off, then our article on super and moving overseas is a must-read. And, what happens to superannuation in the process of a separation? We explain some key points relating to splitting super.

We have included eleven wedding budget planning tips. And, finish off with a look at the real cost of fast fashion. It will make you think twice about buying that shirt you probably don't need.

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Donna Clientcomm

7 money personalities you may identify with or want to avoid

Are you the friend that shouts more than what you can afford, or the one that’s happy with a handout because no one knows struggle street like you do?

What happens to my super when I move overseas?

If you’re a permanent resident, your super will remain subject to the same rules. If you’re a temporary resident, you may be able to claim a departing Australia superannuation payment.

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Superannuation and separation: Who keeps the money?

Depending on the situation, you might get some of your ex-partner’s super, or they may get some of yours. 

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11 wedding budget planning tips

The happiest day of your life doesn't need to be the most expensive. 

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Environmental and financial costs of fast fashion

Avoid becoming a fashion victim by understanding the real cost of fast fashion.

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